Safety And Environmental Policies

Accident prevention is very important for the company. CINTER has always acknowledged its commitment to maintain and enhance the physical safety of its employees, vendors, clients and visitors.

CINTER’s commitment is to:

1. Ensure hygiene, safety and environmental protection, providing appropriate resources for the implementation of this policy.

2. The Prevention of Labor Risks, together with Quality, Costs and Productivity, and Environmental Protection represent a single standardized priority.

3. Include all the employees and the organization levels in this policy.

4. Make all the company’s personnel responsible for applying the Hygiene, Safety and Environmental Policy.

5. Work considering safety as a labor condition and a way of living.

6. Encourage reduction of waste generated at the plant, and carry out the Hazardous Waste Management within the current regulation framework.

7. Comply with current legislation regarding environment by incorporating the concept of continuous improvement into the company’s environmental aptitude.

8. Disseminate this policy to the company’s personnel, providers, building contractors, clients and the community.