Quality Policy

CINTER is the first Argentine company to be awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Standard Certification in the field of “Design, engineering, sale, manufacturing, supply, construction, technical support and maintenance of industrial works, civil engineering and architectural works”.


CINTERundertakes the commitment to guarantee the understanding of each client's explicit or implicit needs, satisfying their expectations through the design, production and development of quality works, products and services. The purpose of the company is the provision of appropriate, precise and integral answers to the requirements of each client.

The client’s satisfaction is present in each stage of the process and in the commitment of the company to its constant improvement. For this purpose, CINTER promotes its profile as an engineering company, enhancing knowledge, innovation, team work, decision-making based on true data and effective communication in a working environment where colleagues are considered as internal customers to be satisfied.

Every member of the company shares the commitment to the Quality System, its maintenance and constant improvement.