Industrial Plant

CINTER has the largest and most modern steel processing plant in the country. Over the years, the company has developed a continuous investment program that allows it today to have highly automated programs.

CINTER's industrial plant is located in Sauce Viejo Industrial Park in Santa Fe.

Sauce Viejo Industrial Plant

It stands out for being the largest and most modern industrial plant of its kind in Argentina. It is located on a surface area of 71,000 m², where 43,000 m² of it are intended for manufacturing areas.

The modern equipment for the production of its constructive systems consists of cutting-edge technology machinery and high productivity.

In order to meet the demand growth in terms of volume and quality, CINTER has:

• Continuous manufacture of large plate-web girders.
• Truss manufacture using cold rolled sections.
• Truss manufacture using hot rolled sections.
• Special structures manufacture: chutes, bridges, bins, etc.
• CAD-CAM system for numerically-controlled cutting, punching and drilling of sections (U, T angles) and plates.
• Section breaking up machine.
• Machine for tubular structures processes.
• Continuous manufacture of cold rolled purlins.
• Structural steel powder coating.
• Shot blasting and liquid coating for steel structures with heated tunnels for huge dimensions parts.
• Polyurethane panel manufacture, using presses and high-pressure injection which comply with international environmental standards.
• Manufacture of trapezoidal sheets for enclosures.
• On-site manufacture of not punctured, low-slope, cold rolled, double standing-seam roofing.
• Metal enclosures, flashings and gutters, and finishing foldings manufacture.

This plant covers the manufacturing of large steel structures and polyurethane panels, according to the most demanding quality standards: AISC, Factory Mutual and ISO 9000 standards, are, among others, certified standards of our production.

Street Address: Industrial Plant, 3107 Sauce Viejo Santa Fé